KEY Talent Management is a full-service talent management firm with a presence in Los Angeles and New York.​

Founded by Tal Drori, Key Talent Management is always striving for the next generation of artists.

We passionately seek extraordinary actors, directors, writers, musicians, influencers and digital creatives. 

Our Social Media & Influencer Marketing team represents diverse talents with a focus on Social Media Campaigns and Brand Partnerships. Key Talent Management is the home for creators.

We work directly with our talents to create a robust plan for the future that is personalized to each unique career journey. We aim to develop strong relationships with our talents through the relentless pursuit of our mutual goals. A key part of our mission is to develop international talents and integrate them into the Hollywood Entertainment Industry.

At Key Talent Management, your goals become our goals as we turn your vision into reality.



Los Angeles, CA 900211

New York City, NY 10036